Olianas Vermentino I White Wine from Sardinia

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Vermentino di Sardegna DOC
Doc Vermentino di Sardegna

The Olianas Vermentino is straw yellow, with distinct floral aromas and hints of orange blossom. The mouthfeel is fresh and elegant, with a good sapidity. A quintessentially Sardinian wine. 

SeccoVermentino 100%
Steel / Barrel
13,5 %
Service temperature
6° - 8° C
James Suckling
/ 100
/ 100
FIS - Bibenda
Daniele Cernilli by Doctor Wine
/ 100
Gambero Rosso
Ais Vitae
Doc Vermentino di Sardegna

Vermentino: Sardinia’s most iconic white wine

The winding country roads and sun-drenched seafront terraces of northern Sardinia bear a precious gift: a superb variety of white wines. 
Sardinian Vermentino carries the captivating aromas of white flowers, citrus fruit, spices, and Mediterranean herbs, evoking the allure of the island’s sunlit beaches and refreshing sea. 
Its crisp, mineral flavors exude peace and contentment.

Vermentino, a Sardinian prince with a Mediterranean heritage

Vermentino is a Mediterranean white grape variety firmly grounded in several Italian regions, including Liguria, Tuscany, and, above all, Sardinia. While its history is rooted in antiquity, its origins are yet to be defined.
By some accounts, it comes from Liguria and Tuscany, in central-northern Italy, while others place its origin in the south of France, along the coast, where it is known as Rolle. Vermentino grapes also thrive in Corsica, and there are theories that suggest a Spanish origin, although today the variety is not widespread in Spain.
Vermentino’s mystery-laden origins don’t change the facts: once the variety reached Sardinia, it started yielding excellent wines and became one of the major stars of the island’s winemaking landscape. The Vermentino di Sardegna DOC designation currently spans the entire region and includes white wines that boast unique organoleptic qualities and enveloping flavors. 

The key features of Olianas Vermentino

Olianas Vermentino di Sardegna DOC springs from the deep, bountiful soils of the Murvonis and Porruddu vineyards, in the Sarcidano area in southern inland Sardinia. Made from grapes that we have been nurturing for some 20 years, this prestigious wine relies on 9 hectares of vineyards, with a yearly production of 50,000 bottles. The vineyards’ exposure to the southeast and the distinctive features of the soil impart freshness, elegance, complexity, and structure. We harvest some of the grapes, roughly 20%, slightly in advance and allow them to ferment in steel containers. Maceration on the skins follows, and we do not add any selected yeasts, in keeping with our Biointegrale philosophy. This small portion of grapes becomes the "pied de cuve" that we use to trigger spontaneous fermentation. The rest of the clusters are destemmed, gently pressed, and fermented in steel at a temperature of 14 °C - 16 °C. Aging, partly in steel and partly in oak tonneaux, lasts 5 months.

Pairing Vermentino di Sardegna

Vermentino di Sardegna is an exceptionally versatile wine. Its intense aromas and sapid, dry, crisp, and tangy flavor work splendidly with a variety of dishes. Sardinian Vermentino is wonderful served with simple, sauce-free, seafood appetizers, oysters, shellfish, and traditional Sardinian fish and seafood recipes.
It boasts a luminous color, ranging from paper white to straw yellow with greenish highlights, and a delicate, pleasant nose.

How to pair Olianas Vermentino

Olianas Vermentino di Sardegna is an ideal choice for those looking for a crisp and fragrant wine. Rich in notes of pink grapefruit, lemon, spices, and bread crust, it’s wonderful as an apéritif and works well with fish and seafood recipes, including flavorful ones, and medium-aged cheese. With its round, refreshing flavor, it pairs well with traditional pasta dishes, fish risotto, and, needless to say, Sardinia’s lovely cheese. Drink it within 3 years from the harvest, at a temperature of 6 °C in summer and 8 °C in winter, and you’ll enjoy its organoleptic qualities to the fullest.