Olianas Estate I Excellent Sardinian Wines in Gergei



Large spaces, indigenous vines, and the life-giving light of Sardinia


Enchanting Sardinia

In the heart of Sarcidano, neighboring Campidano, Marmilla and Barbagia. A region of dappled landscapes, forever dedicated to farming, winemaking and shepherding, that is the core and backbone of Sardinia’s most genuine and heartfelt authenticity.

Rising among the exquisitely nuanced plateaus, golden wheat fields, and cork oat woods that dot the countryside north of Cagliari and east of Oristano, this time-honored land is the cradle of Sardinian vine farming, and an outpost of biodiversity in the Mediterranean.

Here the unspoiled natural environment flourishes alongside veritable ampelographic garden-like vineyards rich in native varieties, lovingly nurtured by devoted farmers.

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The dawn of the new millennium set the scene for a brand-new winemaking venture.  Bound by a deep friendship, and a common vine growing and winemaking philosophy, based on respect for the natural environment and the living beings that inhabit it, Stefano Casadei and the Olianas family embarked on a pioneering enterprise. 

Our shared values have developed into a tangible concept, an approach to farming that stems from our most earnest belief: safeguarding the environment is a vital prerequisite for the future.

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Sardinia’s autochthonous varieties have a unique bond with this area. Native vines have been farmed here for centuries, using traditional techniques to develop the exceptional aromas bequeathed by the region’s distinctive climate. Transforming these grapes has a cultural significance that goes well beyond the concept of winemaking.

Native vines are those varieties that grow in the same territory where they originated, and hence reflect the area’s characteristic features and typical traits. 

Walking among the rows of cannonau, vermentino, intillu, nasco, bovale and carignano grapes one can but hear centuries-old folktales and local sagas. 

These tales, these grapes, are what breathe life into Olianas wines. Unique blends that whisper Sardinian tales.

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Preserve the vitality of the soil and the environment by employing biodynamic practices

Biodynamic agriculture uses traditional cultivation techniques and carefully chosen natural and organic compounds to restore richness to the soil, working alongside the fundamental forces naturally present in the environment. We plant and grow vines to make wine, and nurture and cherish other forms of life to promote biodiversity.

This ever-present idea lies behind, beneath, and within, every single daily action at Olianas. Aromatic herbs, ancient fruit trees, and rare and abandoned cultivars bloom and thrive alongside our vines, providing a paradise of flavorful sweet-scented food for the insects.

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