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The waterfalls of Sardinia: amazing natural wonders

The waterfalls of Sardinia: amazing natural wonders

A journey across inland Sardinia to discover its many natural wonders. 
Sardinia is home to several of the world's treasures, one of which is undoubtedly its natural heritage.
Sardinian waterfalls are stunning, timeless, extraordinarily beautiful masterpieces; they display a blend of strength and lightness that can be found only in unspoiled nature.

Sardinian waterfalls: a unique blend of strength and lightness

Thunderous and wild, lush with tropical features, or framed by an elegant historic park.

Is Corropus is a natural jewel located near Olianas, just a 17-minute drive from the estate. Rising in an enchanted spot, it’s immersed in nature and surrounded by wild pink oleanders, lentisk, and myrtle. The waterfall cascades gracefully and its crystal clear waters seem to dance gently in the clear natural pool, creating a peaceful, serene setting. Is Corropus’ symphony of sounds and colors is an enticing invitation to plunge under the regenerating spray of the waterfall and become one with the refreshing embrace of the wilderness. The Sardinian term "Is Corropus" describes a deep cleft in a mountain that forms a canyon where a river flows. The landscape around the waterfall is typical of Sardinia’s rocky areas: dotted with streams, small waterfalls, and natural pools. Is Corropus is an unspoiled oasis home to perfect balance of flora and fauna. Here, you’ll enjoy a pure, vital atmosphere, and live an unforgettable experience immersed in the beauty of Sardinian nature: an ecosystem that thrives unchanged by the changes brought on as time passes beyond our island’s natural paradise.

There’s another spectacular and one-of-a-kind waterfall, the Cascata Maggiore di Laconi, It rises inside Aymerich Park, Sardinia’s largest urban park, and is just half an hour away from Olianas. 
Aymerch Park is a veritable natural museum, a calm haven to be explored sauntering in the coolness created by the botanical garden’s lush rare plants. The Cascata Maggiore is the park’s most stunning waterfall, with its graceful, endless cascade of water and white moss-covered limestone rocks. The area around the waterfall is equipped with picnic tables, perfect for indulging in a snack with the soothing sound of the waterfall in the background. Near the waterfall, you can also admire beautiful wood carvings and a lake inhabited by goldfish and turtles. You’ll also find fascinating glimpses of history immersed in the luxuriant vegetation: the 19th-century Aymerich palace and the striking ruins of a medieval castle., offer spectacular panoramic views of the surroundings, and the opportunity to travel back in time through the centuries past. The Cascata Maggiore is a perfect spot to escape the heat and spend a day immersed in unspoiled nature: take a walk through this paradise of colors and scents, and enjoy experiencing another world.

When it comes to wonderful waterfalls, there’s another can’t-miss destination: the romantic Cascata di San Valentino, in Sadali. It’s the only waterfall in Sardinia that rises neatly embedded in an urban landscape. Sadali is a medieval village just half an hour away from Olianas; ranking among Italy’s most beautiful “borghi” it offers a vista that is nothing short of extraordinary: the waterfall, with its endless cascade, right in front of the Church of Su Santu Coiadori (i.e. Saint Valentine). The water pours down from a height of 7 meters, and is then swallowed by a scenic underground chasm: you can walk along the stone path to admire it. The waterfall creates a relaxing, somewhat magical atmosphere that carries one away, as in an idyllic daydream, to a world of timeless beauty.

The Sa Spendula waterfall rises in the heart of Barbagia, a region rich in local tradition and culture, less than a half-hour drive from Olianas. Amazingly beautiful, it was celebrated by Italian poet Gabriele D'Annunzio in the eponymous sonnet he wrote in 1882, while traveling across Sardinia. In his verses, D'Annunzio describes the Sardinians' authenticity, the local traditions, and our island’s wonderful natural environment. Indeed Sa Spendula, with its 60-meter drop, is a true natural wonder. It’s made up of three successive falls and boasts roaring waters that break over granite rocks, creating three natural pools at the drop-off points, before plunging into an underground gorge. This is yet another tranquil retreat: the gentle sound of falling water, heady Mediterranean scents, and lovely surroundings make for a perfect spot to find peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

The Sa Stiddiosa waterfall is formed by a crystal-clear natural pool set between sheer rock walls that scatter a wonderful endless rain. Less than a one-hour drive from Olianas, this splendid waterfall stems from the waters of the upper karst spring, which plunge past the rocks smoothed by the incessant flow creating a thick drizzle. In Sardinian, Sa Stiddiosa means 'to drip', and here the constant dripping of the waterfall creates a crystal-clear emerald-green pool, where one can stop and admire this natural wonder up close. Sa Stiddiosa is a must-see for all nature lovers, especially those who wish to discover inland Sardinia’s distinctive unspoiled natural environment. Blessed with tropical-like features, it’s an earthly Eden where you can let go and immerse yourself in nature: there’s no cell service out here, so you can unwind and enjoy moments of relaxing silence, enhanced by the perennial falling of Sa Stiddiosa's gentle drops.

Insider tips: discovering Sardinia’s waterfalls

Sardinia’s waterfalls offer extraordinary experiences. Aside from simply admiring them, visitors can discover these natural wonders while enjoying engaging activities such as hiking, swimming, and nature photography. The paths and trails that lead to the waterfalls run through breathtaking landscapes, hence waterfall-seekers have the chance to uncover Sardinia’s pristine environment to the fullest.

Getting to Is Corropus 
From Olianas, one can easily get to Is Corropus by car or bike, but we do recommend walking there from Gergei following the trails that weave through the heart of our island. Walking through enchanting centuries-old forests and lush green pastures you’ll become part of Sardinia's unspoiled nature. The path is dotted with streams, small waterfalls, and natural pools, surrounded by wild oleanders, lentisk, and myrtle. Birdsong and the rustling of the wind will lead the way through the vibrant colors and heady scents, making your walk down the trail magical.

Getting to the Cascata Maggiore
You can easily get from Laconi to the Cascata Maggiore by following the signs to Aymerich Palace. We recommend parking in the allotted spaces near the Chiesa di Ambrogio e Ignazio (Church of Ambrose and Ignatius). Admission to the park is free of charge, and there are guided tours to the park and palace available for a fee. 

Getting to Sa Spendula
The rest area in front of the trail entrance to Sa Spendula has a café, picnic area, and a drinking fountain (with very cool water). From here, one can easily walk to the waterfall in 5 minutes along the comfortable paved path. Admission is free and the walk is suitable for children, who can also enjoy the small playground near the entrance.

Getting to Sa Stiddiosa 
Reaching Sa Stiddiosa is a bit more challenging: the hiking path is 2 km long,  with an elevation gain of 300 meters. Alternatively, you can take a slightly longer walk, but with less of an uphill. Follow the signs from the country church of Santa Barbara to the parking lot, where you’ll find an information point with two attendants. The entrance fee is €7 in the summer, while in the winter access is free of charge. Take care: access to the hiking path is subject to wearing suitable closed footwear (no sandals!) and having at least one large bottle of water with you. We recommend having both hiking boots and shoes suitable for walking on the jagged cliff with you, and setting off early in the morning: the sun sets early in the mountains, so a morning walk is preferable, and if you start early enough you can enjoy watching the sun on the water around 9 am.

The impact of tourism and the need for sustainable management

Sardinia's waterfalls are natural treasures that attract an increasing number of tourists from all over the world. The beauty of our waterfalls and the energy they release can make visitors forget how delicate and in need of care these places actually are.
Respectful and sustainable tourism behavior and practices are the key to enjoying Sardinia's natural wonders without compromising the natural balance of their ecosystems. Only by suppressing harmful actions and their impact on these pristine places can we ensure that Sardinia's waterfalls will continue to inspire and fascinate tourists and that our “corners of paradise” will welcome visitors, and provide them with memorable authentic experiences, for many years to come.